The living room is one of the most important entertaining areas in the house. At Schoenfeld Interiors, we believe a space needs to be both functional and stylish. Creating a space that works well will depend on the layout of the room, what furniture you choose to put in the room, and what style you are going for. Here are 3 things that you should avoid when designing your living room space.

  1. Avoid buying furniture and decor without a distinct plan in mind. First, look at the area you have to work with. Unless you are planning major renovation, the shape and size of the room will be unchangeable, so you need to evaluate your space before you begin buying furniture. Take measurements of the room so that you will know how big you want the furniture to be. You might fall in love with a leather sectional, but if it takes up most of your living room, you might want to try and find one a little smaller. Once you know how big your space is and what shape it is, you can decide how many furniture pieces you want and how big they should be.
  2. Don’t overcrowd the room. Everyone has his or her own taste in style. You might like puffy chairs, sofas, and ottomans, or you might be a modern minimalist type. Either way you can find a way to fit your style in the space. If you tend to like big pieces of furniture, just be sure that you don’t overcrowd your living room. Sure, you want plenty of places for people to sit, but you also want some space for people to navigate around the furniture.
  3. Don’t ignore practicality just for style. You might love white linen couches, but before you buy a living room set, evaluate your lifestyle and whether or not your choices are going to work for you. If you have pets and young children, maybe the white linen isn’t the most practical choice. White leather or a darker shade might be work better.