Conde House of Japan

Conde House builds furniture near the forest, with a keen sense of gratitude for what nature has given them.
The beautiful forests of Hokkaido are the starting point for every Conde house design.
They use Hokkaido Forest walnut and oak to create furniture that will be part of your daily life for a long time.

Schoenfeld Interiors is proud to introduce this incredible hand made line from Japan to the NW. Visit our show and see in person the craftsmanship and quality of Conde House.

Wood – Finish Japanese Oak Natural –  Walnut Natural Standard


Size 94 1/2″w 39 1/4″d 29 1/4″h
82 3/4″w 39 1/4″d 29 1/4″h
70 3/4″w 39 1/4″d 29 1/4″h