Furniture is a great way to create a mood in a room. If you want to make a statement or update a room, changing furniture is an easy way to do it. Knowing what is trending can help you find furniture that you love and make your home look up-to-date. Here are some new trends in modern furniture in Seattle, WA.

  • Custom made furniture. If you really want to make a statement in a room, get some custom made furniture. A custom chair or accent table can be a conversation piece and can express your personality in a way that traditional furniture can’t.
  • Metallic Leather. Leather has always been a popular furniture material, but leather in metallic finishes is currently trending. Pair traditional leather furniture with some metallic accent pieces.
  • Environmentally conscious furniture. Natural woods harvested sustainably are increasingly being used in designer furniture.
  • Hair on hide. If you are uncomfortable using real animal skin in your furniture pieces, synthetic materials are also trending that look like real animal hide.