At Schoenfeld Interiors we understand the difficulties you face when furnishing a home. Thus, we have created the perfect environment to help you to achieve your goals in home furnishings.

The first step is our showroom
This is a place where you can get the inspiration to create that perfect room. We work with over sixty vendors from all parts of the world to provide access to incredible products in all categories.
Not only do we have the range of products you need, we can also custom tailor those products to fit you and your home. We can change sizes, finishes, seating, and always fabrics.

The next step is our design staff
Our design service is the key to helping you achieve success in your pursuit of that perfect living space. Many furniture stores claim to offer some kind of in home design service, but is it their first priority?

Design Service is our top priority
You will work with professional designers who have the formal education and practical experience needed to help you develop and execute a successful design plan. Our staff works as a team to insure no detail is overlooked. We strongly believe that a well-designed room can improve how you experience your home and your enjoyment while at home. We offer this incredible service at no charge to our clients. It is our belief that a customer truly interested in our home furnishings and design services should never have to pay a design fee. Sometimes if a project is large we may require a small retainer that would be applied to your purchase.

Then comes value

We have a commitment to value at Schoenfeld Interiors that comes from the top. Bob Schoenfeld has spent over twenty years looking for the perfect mix of high style, high quality furnishings that reflect a good value in today’s market place. This commitment to value allows us to work with the wide range of budget requirements that our clients have.

* Schoenfeld Interiors Design Service is complimentary when associated with the purchase of home furnishing.
It does not include structural design or interior design outside the products that Schoenfeld Interiors represents.